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Aqara Natural Gas Smart Detector by Xiaomi


  • Natural Gas Concentration Monitoring
  • Remote alarm reminder
  • Fire product certification
  • High Sensitivity Sensor
  • Intelligent linkage [Zigbee Gateway Required]
  • App Mute

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Aqara Natural Gas Smart Detector by Xiaomi

Aqara Natural Gas Smart Detector by Xiaomi – Pakistan

The Smart Natural Gas Detector is a home-use combustible gas
detector that warns leakage of natural gas.
In case the concentration of natural gas (methane as its main
component) is detected to reach the alarm setting value, the detector will immediately release a sound and light alarm signal and send a notice to the mobile phone app via the hub. You shall be on the alert and take immediate and effective measures to troubleshoot the danger, avoiding serious explosion accidents.
*Any Zigbee 3.0 hub is required.
*To work with Apple HomeKit, a compatible Aqara hub is required.

Quick Setup
Add Device
1. Before activating the accessory, please make sure you have the Xiaomi Home app downloaded and region set to Chinese Mainland and an Aqara Zigbee 3.0 hub installed.
2. Connect the device to power through the adapter.
After connecting to the power supply, the device will warm up for 3 minutes, please wait for 3 minutes, and the next step will be performed after the green indicator light is always on.
3. Please open the xiaomi home app and tap “+” in the top right
corner to enter the “Add Device” page. Select “Gas Sensor” under sensor category or it will appear in automatic detection and add it according to instructions in the app.

*If adding fails, please move the product closer to the hub and try again.
*For the description of the preheat function, please see the  preheat function chart at the end of description images

Installation and Usage
Please confirm that communication between the Smart Natural Gas Detector and the Aqara Zigbee 3.0 hub works normally, and then install and fix it in position.

Installation Instructions:
1. The device should be installed indoors and located in the same room with the stove or gas source.
2. It should be installed within a horizontal distance of more than 1 meter and less than 4 meters from the stove, and the height should be more than 0.5 meters above the stove for wall mount installation, with the distance from the ceiling less than 0.3 meters.
3. It should not be installed directly above the stove or on any position that can be directly affected by the exhaust, steam and cooking fume from the stove.
4. Smart Gas Alarm should not be installed near the fans, air conditioners, fresh air entrances and exits where the wind speed is too fast.
5. It should not be installed in places with massive moisture or large amount of water vapor, such as bathrooms.
6. It should not be installed in places with temperature below -10°C or above 55°C.

Read more detailed instructions in >>>English user manual <<<

Product Specifications
Smart Natural Gas Detector
Model: JT-BZ-03AQ/A
Target Gas: Methane (CH4)
Input: 12.0V — 0.5A 6.0W
Wireless Protocols: Zigbee
Dimensions: ⌀80.4 × 31 mm
Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 55°C
Operating Humidity: 0 ~ 93% RH, no condensation
Manufacturer: Lumi United Technology Co., Ltd.

Package Contents:
Detector × 1
Mounting Plate × 1
Power Adapter × 1
Adhesive Sticker × 1
Screws × 2
User Manual × 1

1.This product is only used to detect natural gas (methane), and
cannot be used to detect LPG and artificial coal gas.
2. Please do not directly impact the detector with high-concentration combustible gas (such as pure natural gas) lest partial or total reduction of sensitivity of the detector.
3. The detector can be tested with a lighter with a testing distance above 10cm. Do not test the detector at short range with a lighter and during preheating.
4. Avoid violent collision or falling from a high place during installation and use lest failure of the detector.
5. Weekly cleaning of the detector cover is recommended to ensure that the detector is not clogged with grease dirt or dust. You can use a brush or dry lint cloth, excluding cleaning agents.
6. This product has the function of reporting or notifying “natural gas leakage alarm” via wireless network, which is affected by the installation environment of the device, the network environment and maintenance conditions of the device and the hub connected to the device, the network environment and conditions of the mobile
phone used by the user, and the authorization scope and conditions of the app used by the user. The manufacturer or producer makes no warranties or promises as to the reliability and timeliness of this function.
7. The product application is at the user’s own risk. In no event shall the manufacturer or producer be liable for any risk, loss, damage, compensation, liability or expense arising from or suffered as a result of any alleged malfunction of the product (including but not limited to failure to deliver push messages, failure of automated execution, etc.) and failure to achieve its efficacy or purpose.
8. This product has the function of “silencing” the sound emitted by the device via the wireless network. When users adopt this function in various scenarios (including but not limited to mobile phone app operation, automation settings), please make sure to check the installation site of the device first to eliminate the hazard or danger of natural gas leakage at the site, ensuring that it will not lead to fire, explosion and other accidents (such as false alarm of the device) due to “silencing” before operating.







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