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MicroNovelty Multifunctional Mini EDC Tool by Xiaomi


  • 28 kinds of functions integrated
  • 420 stainless steel with stone washed texture surface
  • Lightweight design 90g only
  • High hardness and wear resistance

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MicroNovelty Multifunctional Mini EDC Tool by Xiaomi

MicroNovelty Multifunctional Mini EDC Tool by Xiaomi – Pakistan

Treasure Box of 28-in-1 EDC World

Easily solve various problems encountered in daily life and life scenes such as camping, riding, repair, DIY, etc. It integrates 28 functions such as knife, wrench, and screwdriver. With it, it is equivalent to carrying a large toolbox with you, playing with it, and the texture is full and exquisite.

Three-stage intimate design lighter-sized handheld artifact

The length is 9cm, only the size of a lighter, the weight is as low as 90g, and the thickness is only 4mm, easy to grasp by hand. After folding, the blade is hidden between the two blades, which is light and safe. It can be used as a keychain and can be easily hung on a backpack, belt, or put in a personal pocket. Explode amazing power whenever you need it.

90g      Ultra light weight
0.4cm  Ultra-thin thickness

420 high quality stainless steel sturdy and durable

The blade is made of 420 high-quality stainless steel, reaching HRC5 after quenching, with high hardness, good toughness, corrosion and wear resistance. The blade is made of 50r15mov alloy steel, the hardness after quenching is as high as HRC54, and the precision grinding process is sharp and durable.

CNC precision cutting
The art journey of a steel plate

In terms of process, the rough wrinkles of ordinary stamping process are abandoned, and CNC precision cutting technology is adopted to truly achieve the “three guarantees”: to ensure that the product will not form a deviation in accuracy when demolding, and to ensure that the product will not be caused by poor assembly Deviations ensure that the functional parts are more accurate and durable after assembly.

The ceramic stone washing process is strong and durable

The stone washing process, with the blessing of ceramic micro-particles, smooths out the micro-defects after metal processing, and every product is like a work of art. Use science and technology to accelerate the precipitation of the years, and use strength to demonstrate the quality of a big country.

Lift weights lightly and move forward easily

It is equipped with a compact pulley that can carry a weight of less than 10kg. Allows you to easily hoist equipment, truly easy to move forward.

Free cutting, convenient and easy

Built-in knife “cut iron like mud”, easily cut off rope, sharpen branches, daily use at home, outdoor standby can be. The sawtooth structure design can cut off branches, hemp rope and so on, neat and handsome.

Card position lock double protection

Cutting tool belt lock design, do not have to worry about the use of the knife back to hurt the hand, in order to prevent the blade cut, after storing the tool is hidden in the two-layer structure firmly clamp, double protection, more intimate.

The pliers have great strength and are quick enough to save trouble

Sharp but not hurt hands, easy to strip out the core, can cut iron wire or bend thick steel wire. Intimate design, more convenient to use, congratulations you become a “clamp” person!

External hexagon screw wrench, let you work faster

Exterior hexagonal screw wrench is included, which perfectly matches M7-M13 multi-size screws. Small to fishing rod, bracket, big to bicycle, camera, all can be easily loaded and unloaded. Enough to use is the real strength!

Floral + cross type screwdriver for more repair needs

Include a word flower screwdriver and a cross flower screwdriver, can be emergency disassembly of the game host, handle, more suitable for electrical maintenance, precision assembly, small repair, etc., so that you anytime and anywhere easy to deal with.

Notes & Cautions

1. The blade is sharp, please pay attention to safety when using, try not to put your fingers in the direction of the blade to avoid scratches. When storing as much as possible, fold it up and don’t unfold it on the desktop.

2. Do not cut or saw metal objects with a hardness greater than HRC45.

3. Scope of application of wire strippers: iron wire 2mm/aluminum wire 3.5mm/copper wire: 3mm/steel wire cannot be used (other materials depend on the situation). Please use it with caution to prevent injury to your hands. 3. After use, clean it and store it in a dry place.







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