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Returns & Exchanges


You may return an item(s) for any of the following reasons:

You received a wrong item in your package. 

You received a defective item in your package.

We would be happy to provide exchanges and returns for wrong or defective items if the following conditions are met:

  • All items must reach us in their original packaging.
  • All items must be complete, having all original accessories (including manuals, tags, gifts).
  • All items must be unblemished, and must have no signs of usage.


If some or all of the above conditions aren’t met, we regret to inform you that we will be unable to process any claims for returns, regardless of the fact that the item(s) has been sent back to us.

Important Note: TORUMART item(s) are imported directly from Mainland China, so are Chinese region models by default, unless clearly mentioned otherwise in the product name or details. All TORUMART Xiaomi Smart Home products are compatible in Pakistan with English language by connecting to the “Chinese Mainland” region in the settings of the Mi Home app (or respective app). Many users try to incorrectly connect to “Pakistan” region after purchase which result in connection errors, so please keep this in mind during connection setup of Xiaomi Smart Home products.


All exchanges and returns would need to be raised within 7 days of the date the order was received by the customer. All requests for returns however, would need to be strictly made via email at [email protected].


2.1 You will need to include the item(s) in its original condition and packaging (i.e. like new and undamaged). Returns will not be accepted if the item(s) or the manufacturing packaging is in a damaged condition, so pack the return parcel well. Make sure there are no courier tapes stuck directly on the manufacturer’s box. Our decision about condition of returned item(s) will be final.

2.2 Wait for our email confirmation.  Generally, the processing period is 3 working days upon receipt of your parcel.

2.3 If any of the product received is deemed a wrong shipment, TORUMART will bear the cost of the customer’s return shipping and also the cost of shipping the item(s) back to you. If the product is deemed defective, TORUMART will only bear the cost of shipping the item(s) back to you.

2.4 If the item is deemed defective after we have checked it (and also fulfills the other conditions for valid returns), we will send a replacement item after checking that the replacement item is working properly, which may entail opening of the package, or sending an already checked item.

2.5  If the item is deemed to be non-defective after we have checked it (or does not fulfill the other conditions for valid returns), the same item will be shipped back to the customer; the return shipping will be paid by the customer.

In such cases, a Checking Fee will be charged as well. This fee can vary from a minimum of 500 PKR, up to a maximum of 2000 PKR, depending on how time consuming and/or resource hungry the checking process is. This Checking Fee + Return Shipping will be payable as advance transfer. All decisions made in this regard by TORUMART will be final and non-negotiable.

2.5a Return Shipping to customer is 250 PKR for normal flyers, and 400 PKR for large flyers. Non-flyer bulky packages’ shipping expense will be higher, and can vary from case to case.

2.6 TORUMART will be liable to safe keep a customer’s item (s) for a period of 30 days, after having informed the customer to receive it. If the customer does not receive the item in this period, the customer agrees to forfeit possession of said item(s) in favour of TORUMART.

2.7 TORUMART item(s) are imported from Mainland China, so are the Chinese region models by default, unless clearly mentioned otherwise in the product name or details. All TORUMART Xiaomi Smart Home products can be used in Pakistan with English UI (User Interface) by connecting to the “Chinese Mainland” region in the settings of the Mi Home app (or respective app). Please keep this in mind during connection setup of Xiaomi Smart Home products. Not being able to connect to the “Pakistan” region server during setup is not a defect, and hence not a valid reason for claim requests.

2.8 The customer is responsible for ensuring that the product they’re buying is compatible with whatever device they’re buying it for. The customer is also responsible for ensuring that they have knowledge of what they are buying and how to operate it. Incompatibility with a specific device (phone/laptop/car/TV/Google Home etc) will not be considered a defect, and is not a valid reason for claim requests.

2.9 Warranty is only valid for hardware related defects, not for software related issues that might arise with firmware updates or app updates. Software related bugs or compatibility issues are usually resolved by waiting for subsequent updates or by installing older versions of the firmware.

2.10 All exchanges are subjected to stock availability and whilst we endeavour to ship a replacement item(s) back to you, we reserve the right to do an exchange by way of an item(s) of a similar value, or any other methods at the discretion of TORUMART.

2.11 In case of a change of mind for unopened and unused items, a customer can request a Store Credit refund within 7 days of receiving their parcel. The item must be returned to TORUMART exactly like new (with all seals intact).

2.11a Store Credit Refunds will be given at the buying price of the product as stated in the original invoice.

2.11b Any expense (shipping or packing related) incurred by TORUMART during the initial shipment will be deducted from the Store Credit Refund amount (usually 350 PKR for normal flyers, and 450 PKR for large flyers). Non-flyer bulky packages’ expense will be higher and can vary from case to case.

2.12 All decisions made by TORUMART will be final.


3.1 A clear video must be made in well lit conditions when the parcel is being opened. The flyer seal must be clearly shown in the video along with the airway bill details. The flyer contents must be clearly shown as they are being taken out of the flyer. The video should also show unboxing of the item(s) clearly. All missing item(s) or damaged item(s) claims will be rejected if this video proof is not available.

3.2 All item(s) that are returned and exchanged, can only be made once.

3.3 There is no warranty or return policy for protectors, tempered glass protectors, mobile covers/cases, wearable straps/cases, clothing items, masks, hygiene related products, and consumables. The customer agrees to order these items at their own risk.

3.4 Warranty is not applicable to any accessories that come with an item, e.g. the cable, batteries, etc that come bundled with any item (Powerbank, Charger, etc) is not covered under our Return Policy. Only the main product is covered under the Return Policy.

3.5 Our Returns Policy does not cover any cosmetic damage (scruffs, scratches, discoloration, dents, etc) incurred by any product due to manufacturing lapses or due to any other reason, as long as the functionality of the product is not affected.

3.6 While we endeavour to always send sealed new products in pristine condition, there are instances where the seal might not be present, or the item packaging might be damaged due to reasons such as (but not limited to): seal not being used by the company for some specific item(s), cargo handling, customs inspection, and checking.

3.7 TORUMART makes no warranty in respect of any product, express or implied, including any implied warranties of compliance with ad description, and fitness for a particular purpose. It is possible that the ad description be outdated or incorrect, and hence not consistent with the latest product packaging.

3.8 Such returns are at all times governed by the provisions of the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act of Pakistan.

3.9 All decisions made by TORUMART will be final.


We do not currently offer repair services for products.

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