Xiaomi was founded with a belief that high-quality technology did not need to cost a fortune. Today the company creates remarkable hardware, software, and internet services with customers worldwide. Its product range is increasing day by day and what basically started as a smartphone company has expanded its footprints globally in the “Smart Home Technology and Lightning.”

Under the flagship ‘Yeelight’ Xiaomi first released the Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp, followed by the excellent Xiaomi Yeelight Bulb (Color edition and White edition) and now they have released a Xiaomi Yeelight Light Strip.

We have seen many competing LED Light Strips, but none of them are like Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip. You heard it right, brighten up your mood by illuminating your cosy places with the latest Xiaomi Yeelight Strip that creates a unique atmosphere for your living spaces be it to give ambience to your living room, romanticising your bedroom or giving color to your parties.

Since Xiaomi focuses on high end products in an affordable price it is vitally important to buy its products from a reliable vendor and for that is the best available option. Their products are 100% original, the customer service is prompt, shipping is FREE all over Pakistan, and best of all their prices are lowest in all of Pakistan.


  • Voice Control: works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant for voice control, and IFTTT (If This Then That)
  • Flexible Material and Easy Installation: can be bent and attached to most surfaces using the adhesive tape at back side
  • Colorful light: 16 million colors, adjustable color temperature and dimmable light
  • Multi Applications: set time schedules and countdowns, sync to music for enhanced experience
  • Group Control: Set groups to control multi strips or other YEELIGHT products all together


DIY Ambient Lighting
16 million colors feast. Set the right ambience for any moment. Set the mood, change the ambience, feel different, feel better

Bendable, Adhesive and Cuttable
Just tear down the adhesive tape on the back of the light strip, stick it to anywhere you want, plug the charger and turn on the light

Plug and Play
Bend, shape, and fix your Yeelight Smart Light Strip to highlight features in your room and create completely new indirect light effects

One Key Operation
Slightly touch to turn it on or off, long press to change colors. Get the Yeelight Smart Light Strip and enjoy colorful life

Add Some Music
It comes to make the lights dance in sync with the music. Download Yeelight Smart Light Strip App and start your magical journey

Wireless Connection
Build your personal wireless lighting system. Yeelight Smart Light Strip can link with a variety of Mi Smart Home devices to get wonderful experience

Fine Workmanship
Made of mercury-free soft PU material, high light transmittance and oxidation resistance.


Similar to other Xiaomi’s products, it also comes in an all-white exterior. The item ships in a box, where all the items are packed neatly. Inside the box, you can find a strip itself that is already connected to the remote control and the power plug.

The Xiaomi LED light strip has a much better build quality than other light strips I’ve used. All the LED lights and connections are protected in a transparent soft PU material.  The strip has an adhesive tape on the back and it’s quite flexible, so you can install it on your furniture easily.

Unlike Philips and Belkin’s efforts, Yeelight’s approach doesn’t require any kind of separate hub or connection to your router, but that’s because they connect instead over Bluetooth.

Xiaomi YEELIGHT Smart LED Light Strip Pakistan

Apart from this, Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip is also Eco-friendly,  bright, and anti-corrosive. The credit goes to mercury-free soft PU as the core material for Xiaomi Light Strip. The Length of the strip light is 2 meters while the cable is 3 meters. Xiaomi light strip is energy efficient 14 Watts  (up to 80%) and has a long life (about 12,000 hours), thanks to the LED lights and the RGB circuit.


This smart LED strip can be controlled with the wired controller. You can press it once to power it on or press and hold it to change the color.

However, it is much more fun to control it wirelessly as the LED strip has a built-in Wifi and it can be controlled via the Yeelight app.

The interface of the app is very intuitive. You can change the colors of the strip, adjust the brightness, select from different flow and scene modes and adjust a variety of settings if you wish so.


In my opinion, the Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip is a very cool innovation to solve your lighting troubles. The price of around Rs. 3350 may sound a little steep for some but it is actually a lot cheaper than other smart LED light solutions e.g. Philips Hue light strip which cost upwards of $80 when it launced! Considering that the Yeelight strip even has extra features, it really becomes worth its price.

Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Apple HomeKit, so you can’t use iPhone’s Control Center or Siri to control the lighting. This is a smart product, but you will have to stick to the Xiaomi’s Mi Home ecosystem.

Moreover, the design here is a little cheesy, and it’s annoying that Yeelight has chosen to throw its brand logo between each set of bulbs. Up close, it simply looks like you’re trying to advertise the Yeelight brand itself.

Still keeping in mind all its pros and cons I would definitely say for that price the product is a must buy to cheer up your otherwise meh moods!!

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