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The Mi Smart Home kit has everything you need to get started with home automation.

Home automation is exactly what it sounds like: automating the ability to control items around the house—from doors/windows to alarms—with a simple push of a button (or a voice command). Some activities, like setting up a lamp to turn on and off at your whim, are simple and relatively inexpensive. Others, like advanced surveillance cameras, may require a more serious investment of time and money.

There are many smart home product categories, so you can control everything from lights and temperature to locks and security in your home.

Xiaomi offers a cheap Smart Home solution that it is extremely affordable. The starter kit comes with six components — a gateway that acts as a central hub, a smart wall plug, door and window sensor, motion sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, and a wireless switch. Everything is configured and controlled through the Mi Home app which requires you to set up a free Mi account to get started. All the products in the kit are also sold separately.

xiaomi mijia smart home starter kit gift set pakistan

As the Mi Smart Home Kit is officially limited to Xiaomi’s home market, you’ll have to set China as the locale in the Mi Home app to add all the products and configure them. The device pages and all the instructions are in English, but Xiaomi’s storefront within the app defaults to Mandarin. Thankfully, you won’t need to bother with the store to use the products in the Mi Smart Home kit. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the individual components.


xiaomi mijia smart home gateway


The gateway is a Zigbee-powered hub that connects all of Xiaomi’s smart home products, featuring a built-in speaker and an RGB LED that doubles up as a night light. The gateway features a standard Chinese three-prong plug that needs to be connected to a wall socket or a surge protector. It is rated for 100V-240V, so if you’re looking to use it in Pakistan, you would be able to plug it in directly provided you have a compatible socket. If not, you can easily get a compatible socket in the local market for as cheap as Rs. 50. Alternatively, you could get one of Xiaomi’s excellent power strips.

Once plugged in, you need to use the Mi Home app to set it up. All of Xiaomi’s products are very straightforward to set up, and the Mi Smart Home gateway is no different. Once you plug the gateway into the socket ensure your phone is connected to your Wi-Fi network and sign in to your Mi account in the Mi Home app. Then simply press down on the power button located at the top of the gateway for three seconds, and the app will automatically detect the new device. If the gateway emits a solid blue light, you’ve managed to pair it successfully with the Mi Home app.

After installing the gateway you’re able to listen to internet radio via the built-in speaker (though you’ll only be able to access Chinese stations unless you do some tweaking) and also change the color and brightness of the LED from within the Mi Home app. Installing the other Mi Home components is simple. All sub-devices have a pinhole that allows you to easily reset them by holding them in for three seconds; the gateway should automatically detect the sub-devices soon after they’re reset. Pairing a component — like the motion sensor or the door sensor — takes under 30 seconds, and once it’s connected to the gateway, you’ll be able to set actions for it from within the Mi Home app.

Motion Sensor

mijia motion sensor

Xiaomi’s motion sensor is amazing. At 3cm tall, it’s tiny, but it does a great job of detecting motion in its immediate vicinity — up to 1.5 meters. You can pair it with the gateway by resetting the device (via a SIM card ejector tool in the pinhole) and connecting it to Mi Home. Once it’s paired, you can configure a series of actions for the sensor, such as turning on the lights, Xiaomi’s air purifier, or control any of the manufacturer’s connected products.

You have the ability to create custom scenes, and even set a specific time for an event to run. For instance, you can configure the motion sensor to turn on the lights if it detects activity after 6 p.m., or set up a scene to turn off the lights once you walk past the sensor in the morning. There’s also the option to send a notification to your phone each time the sensor is triggered.

Door and Window Sensor

door and window sensor

As the name suggests, the door sensor connects to a door, and can be used as an alarm system. You can configure it to trigger an alarm and send you a notification if it detects activity when you’re outside your home. The window sensor offers a similar feature-set, but it’s smaller and has a magnetic base that easily hooks onto a windowsill.

Temperature and Humidity sensor

xiaomi smart home temperature and humidity sensor

The temperature and humidity sensor is the one I rely on the most. It is also the easiest to use. Just pair it with the gateway, stick it on a wall or on a surface, and use the Mi Home app to see the temperature and humidity in that room.

The sensor shows real-time temperature and humidity data, and also offers a chart breaking down the daily and weekly trends. If you’re living in a particularly hot or humid location, the sensor makes a lot of difference.

Smart Wireless Switch

mi wireless switch smart home pakistan

As the name suggests, the wireless switch is a programmable button that gives you fine-grained control over a component. If you have Xiaomi’s Wi-Fi connected Yeelight bulbs, you can use the wireless switch to turn them on and off. You can do the same with the Yeelight LED light strip.

Should you have several bulbs around the house, you can create a zone in the Mi Home app, and then configure an action for the wireless switch. For instance, I have two light strips in my office, and I paired them together so they’re the same hue at all times. I then programmed a switch to turn the light strips on and off with a single press.

Along with a single click action, the wireless switch allows you to set customize actions for double clicks and long presses. The Mi Home app offers a myriad of configuration options for the wireless switch provided you’ve already invested in Xiaomi’s hardware. There are options to switch the operating mode for the Mi Air Purifier, control the smart home gateway’s internet radio, toggle the company’s smart plug, and so much more.

Overall, the Mi Smart Home offers a ton of functionality for its $80 retail price. The best part about the system is that once you have the gateway up and running, you can install as many sensors as you want, with each sensor costing anywhere between $5 to $15. The downside is that there’s no IFTTT connectivity, but for now, the Mi Home app offers more than enough configuration options.

For its customizability, feature-set, and sheer affordability, the Mi Smart Home kit is an enticing option if you’re looking to get started with home automation.

Review adapted from Android Central.


Xiaomi have always been ahead of its time in creating budget high quality accessories and smartphones; their goal seems to be to make high quality products accessible for the masses; products that were only accessible for wealthy consumer in the past.

The legendary Xiaomi Piston V2 earphones was an indication of better things to come. The Piston V2 which I still own and listen too have survived multiple accidents  but still sound as good  5 years later as the first day, which is hard to say even for pricy earphones!

A lot of new Chinese brands (or DIY brands) have arrived on the scene now and can be found on Aliexpress or Gearbest at absurdly low prices, most of which have doubtful quality and durability. It is in this value-for-money race that Xiaomi outshines and surpasses its competition.

All Xiaomi products are great value; even their $6 Fresh Edition Pistons sound good and have excellent construction. However, imitations and replicas are a BIG problem for any successful brand including Xiaomi. It started with their popular Piston V2 and continues to be a problem for almost all their products especially earphones; including this one (you can find fake hybrids for $5 on ebay and OLX and some websites for example).

So a word of advice, always buy Xiaomi products from reliable sellers. This way you will have the peace of mind that you have a 100% original product. ToruMart.pk offers the best price in Pakistan with FREE shipping for all orders. You can buy Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD Earphones here.

Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD

So, Xiaomi has done it again! These earphones are the successor to the excellent Xiaomi Piston Hybrid In-ear Pro Earphones (famously known as the Piston Iron Ring earphones) which were released in 2015 and which first experimented with hybrid drivers.

Left: Mi In-ear headphones Pro (gen 4) Right: Mi In-ear headpones Pro HD (gen 5)

Xiaomi has now managed to create a triple driver budget IEM that can easily surpass $100 earphones if not more! Two dynamics drivers and one balanced armature driver are exquisitely calibrated to give a bassy & neutral sound signature with lot of micro details to it. Even country or folk lovers will find this Hybrid earphones superb, because acoustic instruments are very detailed.

Quite simply, the Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Pro HD are a budget dream come true, not only due to the fact you can now have a REAL TRIPLE drivers Hybrid for a really low price, but that even at double its price my rating for this earphones would still be the same!


* There are three drivers in each side. Dual dynamic driver+balanced armature driver. Elevate the music greatly.
*  Using HIFI Graphene diaphragm, improve the sound.
* Upgraded xiaomi hybrid earphone, It is compatible with Android and iPhone smartphone. Also tablet PC…
* Built-in clear microphone, have a good calling.
* Wire button design, adjust volume, switch songs, play/pause music.
* Wire material also improved, it is made of TPE material and more durable.


 Brand  Xiaomi
  Model ZBW4369TY
  Color  Silver
  Wearing Type  In-ear
 Cable Length (m)  1.25m
  Net Weight (g)  17g
Technical Parameters
  Microphone   Yes
  Wired Control   Support
  Plug Type  3.5mm
  Rated Power  5mW
  Receive Sensitivity  98dB
  Impedance   32Ω
  Frequency Response   20Hz-40kHz


The Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Pro came in a little stylish compact white box that include extra silicon eartips and a little pouch. Simple and elegant as always.


The bass is fast, has good control, detail and punch, but it lacks a little depth / weight. Overall at this price, I shouldn’t be complaining any way, as the bass is quite detailed and accurate.

The midrange is overall very detailed, but I feel like it should use a little more presence as it gave me the impression that the lower midrange is a pushed back a little, while the upper midrange and treble are more present in the scene.


The treble is quite detailed and sparkly, but it shows sibilance. Might be problematic for treble-sensitive people when the highs reach strong peaks.

These headphones are fast, showing fast decay and strong attack in the transient department, leading to a tactile sound signature.

The soundstage is quite decent for closed in ear headphones, but I think it could use a little more width/depth.

Yes, this is a very impressive department for this headphones, as all the frequencies seem to have good details, from bass to treble.


I would say that overall the Xiaomi Mi Pro HD are quite impressive for the price. They have a fast/tactile sound signature that also presents a lot of details to the listeners.
However, they can get a little tiresome for treble-sensitive people after a while because of the sharp treble they have.
If they didn’t have this issue on this treble, these headphones would have beaten lots of more expensive audiophile headphones. That’s saying a lot about the quality of this IEM. Highly recommended IEM; certainly the best IEM money can buy for this price point.


  • Very good build quality
  • Comfortable and easy to find a good fit
  • Very fast, punchy & detailed bass
  • Good details on midrange/treble
  • Good transients with fast decay and good attack
  • Very good price



  • Would need a little more midrange presence
  • Sharp treble

Modified and adapted from this review.

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